Based on that thing, 10 PRINT, this is procedural beautiful images imagined just for you. Also, surprisingly, coming to iOS and Android SO &*%$ING soon.

No Shame

No Shame asks players to answer difficult questions about each other. Get ready for some elaborate excuses and explanations.

No Shame is a truly social game, inspired by classics like Truth or Dare and Never Have I Ever. It's meant to be played in a public space, with old and new friends.

Print n Play this game RIGHT HERE.

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Life/Death is a card game of surviving on a raft at sea with a group of survivors. It's weird and social.

Life/Death - Print and Play


Pounce is an exciting exploration in the animal experience, in which you begin as a Cat pouncing on rodents, but later rise up the food chain. Try not to get trampled by an ELEPHANT or smoked by a DRAGON.

Download the prototype for Mac OS here.