Up at night. Most nights.

We make things like Janky Bounce and Circle Stop in New York City.


Based on that thing, 10 PRINT, this is procedural beautiful images imagined just for you. Also, surprisingly, coming to iOS and Android SO &*%$ING soon.

No Shame

No Shame asks players to answer difficult questions about each other. Get ready for some elaborate excuses and explanations.

No Shame is a truly social game, inspired by classics like Truth or Dare and Never Have I Ever. It's meant to be played in a public space, with old and new friends.

Print n Play this game RIGHT HERE.

If you have suggestions specifically for No Shame, please submit them here!



Life/Death is a card game of surviving on a raft at sea with a group of survivors. It's weird and social.

Life/Death - Print and Play


Pounce is an exciting exploration in the animal experience, in which you begin as a Cat pouncing on rodents, but later rise up the food chain. Try not to get trampled by an ELEPHANT or smoked by a DRAGON.

Download the prototype for Mac OS here.