Imposter Drawster is a collaborative coloring game with a dollop of deception. Create unique works of art with your friends.

  • Only one mobile device required for 3-12 players!
  • Draw a picture together! paint a portion and pass it on!
  • Everybody knows what to draw, except for the randomly assigned Imposter!

Will the Imposter blend in?

or will everyone else find the fake?

Either way, you and your friends will produce a one-of-a-kind masterpiece together!

Snooty attitudes not included.


Up at Night is back with its third major release! Combining the minimalist aesthetic of Circle Stop with the zany spirit of Janky Bounce, our new game Imposter Drawster is guaranteed fun for groups of all types of players.

Our company loves to make handcrafted quality experiences, be they digital entertainment, artful apps or party card games. For this new app, we drew inspiration from classic board game mechanics and translated them to a mobile device, giving players all the social fun of a tabletop game but removing the fiddly bits, complicated rulesets, and cleanup afterward.

We are Up at Night, making playful products and delightful diversions. Let’s grab a drink!



Up at Night

Based in New York City


Release Date:

2017 - iOS, Android




Free with paid expansions


Gameplay Video

Janky Bounce Credits

Up at Night is:

Nolan Filter, Co-Founder and Cruella Developer

Nathan Jones, Co-Founder and Emo Kid

Trailer by:

Philip Ginley