WE had a plan to make games one day a week. we're a little past that now.

Nolan likes cartoons, cookies & coding; beer, bacon, & Broadway; adventures, augmented reality & lists of three. He has a Masters in Game Design from NYU and hosts a weekly-to-fortnightly Board Games & Bars night at a british gay pub. He tweets almost exclusively about Pokemon.


Nathan Jones

Nathan Jones

Nathan really likes to make stuff, including, but not limited to, games, monster noises, treehouses and fireworks. He likes Bully, HAIM, and Against Me!. His favorite superhero is Batwoman. He likes dogs and most animals more than most people and is a graduate of NYU, where he studied design and things!


Friendly Ghost - Audio Designer, Freelance

ABSRDST - Audio Designer, Freelance

Philip Ginley - Video Editor, Freelance

Chris Dugan - Game Design & Production

Kristen Cenci - Artist, Freelance

Nicholas Benedek - Audio Designer, Freelance


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