Up at night. Most nights.

We make things like Janky Bounce and Circle Stop in New York City.



Janky Bounce is INFINITE PINBALL in your hand. Collect 50+ cute and mysterious characters to escape the storm.

  • Bounce on clouds to escape and charge your rainbow superpowers!
  • Explore beautiful bouncy locations and escape the flood!
  • Earn monies from the magic couch to open secret gifts!
  • Collect a menagerie of adorable creatures, monsters and cryptids.
  • Discover the many, many mysteries and secrets of Bouncy World...


In 2013, friends from college (that’s us!) decided to meet one day a week to work on the projects that mattered to them. We formalized this relationship in the company Twenty Percent Games, a studio which, only using 20% of the work week, released the five star rated Circle Stop on both iOS and Android.

Our company has grown from its weekly production schedule, prompting our new name, but we never lost our desire to make handcrafted quality experiences, be they digital entertainment, artful apps or party card games.

We’re proud to show our next major release, Janky Bounce - Infinite Pinball, a game of skill, luck, rainbows, animals, the elements, superpowers, and lots and lots of stars.

We are Up at Night, making playful products and delightful diversions. Let’s grab a drink!



Up at Night

Based in New York City


Release Date:

2016 - iOS, Android




4 Free


Gameplay Video

Janky Bounce Credits

Up at Night is:

Nolan Filter, Co-Founder and Cruella Developer

Nathan Jones, Co-Founder and Emo Kid

Art by:

Kristen Cenci

Audio by: